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   IWg Lae ilZKe

  agh Lae

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R^ 7,2005,cwkae

cjku C\c ~M Uwebc _fUf Rwf 1.00AM

IWg WU Kc i\\Z

afwe, R^ 7 (IWg WU Kc) IWge GK Me cjkc^ Rwf iel be ^R jZK ^a_e GK\ Uwebce _eYZ jA[a iVKe GK Rwf aMZ 10 ah bZe _Y \eK gigck lZbk _Zdc^ jCQ

afwe Rfe ZeAKf aK @MZ Kajf Me @L_L AfKe _d iX Z^ gje C jKe _ecZ @Pke \g ]^Z _ae NP Rwf [f Kak aeUKd MQ ^j ab^ a^Ru eae \^e c] Rwf _eic cLeZ jA CV[f

@_e_le ieKe i^d VK\ec^u KV KUa _A @^cZ \a_e MUG _e MUG MQ ]egd jf Ga aek a^R KC@W CbA Mf af Kj c'ZeY cjk icZe i\K Z[ Mc Rwf iel KcUe ib^Z ie aM

RwfRZ \a C_e ^beKe RaK ^aj Ke[a aKe @V L Me Mcaic^ cjf, SY bk \a \e[C K_ZUG c] ZkaK _Af ^j af aM KjQ

ghe Rwfe iel be ^R jZK ^a fM 8U Me cjk GKV jf Ga KV c`@u \c^ Kea fM Vwe ij~ fWf GcZK Rwf abM KcPec^u c] Cq Rwf bZeK _eA \f ^j

""Rwf i\e af_ _A Rwf KcPec^ j \d'' ""cZ KQ Uu a^cde ic^ @LaR fl fl Uue Rwf i\ c`@ c^u jZK UK \@'' af Kj Rce _V _X RY^[a aM

cjkc^u iji \L Me _ehc^ c] ic^u ij~M _A @ bW ajef \^ KZU c]e ac^ ij Uwe Rwf bce gk, _@gk, gM@^ MQ ij jeW, ajW, @k bk @^^ Jh]d al _Y gb _CQ

Rwf iel KcUe cjkc^ ~ _kKe Rwf RMQ Zj ^j _Zah ah EZe ab^ Pe c] e_Y KeQ

^R Rwfe iZ ^R LAa af ie Ke[a Gj cjkc^u _[ @^c^ @^ieY Ke_ef @Mc \g ah c]e icM IWg c] iaR a^^e _eYZ jA_ea af IWg WU KcK KjQ Rwf iel KcUe @^Zc i\i WcY _eR

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