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  agh Lae

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    _ai IW@

@c KG

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R^ 25,2005,g^ae

ejiNee _-IWg eR^c

IWg WU Kc i\\Z

ba^ge, R^ 25 (IWg WU Kc): \lY Ke@e @MY AZ ^cZ _ Ga IWg ieKeu c]e MZ a]ae \^ jA[a eR^c ab^ KeYe Z[bm cjfe ejie KjkK i KeQ

IWge _e\_Ve K^ _le 51 jRe KU Uue GK AZ KeL^ _Z fM eR iPakde eR^c le jae ~[ _ae ab^ a\g MYc]ce "eR^c leZ jAieQ' af i\ _eahY Kea ~M Gj PqK ^A eji i jAQ

iPakde ZZdcjfe GK aX iceje eR cLc ^a^ _^dK, _ @]l K ZGK f, ccke ab^ i\i, Zw _\]Ke Ga ab^ MYc]ce _Z^]c^u iLe a]ae @_ej 5.55 c^U icde eR^c_Z leZ jA[f

Gjij _X
iaajZ AZ _K fM _-IWg eR^c
_ eR^c _A IWg ieKeu iRaR
AZ KeL^ fM _e i c^f ieKe
_aZ _ PqK giK @g\e \ke ae]
_aZ _ Pq ae]e _]^cu bUa IWg ^Z
_aZ IWg-_ PqK ac\ke ae]

PW jf IWg-_ Pq
PW _~de IWg-_ Pq

aYR aaid
_e K~^aj C_ib_Z iw iK P Ga eR LY cYkde _cL gi^ iPa be PUR Cbd_le G[e \LZ Ke[f

Za iZ I iVK Lae \a fM LZ @R^ Ke[a age @^Zc ^CR GR^ "eGUe' eR^c le jae _d @V N _ae @[Z beZd icd _aj 9.59 ak AZ KeL^ fM Cbd_l c]e Pq leZ jAieQ af iP^ \A[f

ibk \lY Ke@e @MY i\_Z "Ke@ UAce' ` e_Ue iI R-dI^ a]ae \^ _ZKe Ae^U ieYe _KgZ GK e_U fLQ ~, ""_, \ Ifi `_[ feR f cKe diUeW iA^W G ccec @` @e (GcId) I[ \ A@^ U @` Ieg `e G Ufb afd^ f _ K^K^ _RK''

~je IW@ @[ jf, "" age _Pc iaajZ AZ ^cZ _, beZe IWg eR ij MZKf 52 jRe KU Uue GK AZ KeL^ _Z Kea fM eR^c le KeQ''

1998, 1999 Ga 2001 cij _~ _ AZ C_\^ lZe age _[c i^ @]Ke Ke[f Za 2005 cije K^ c^Z ZfKe _Pc i^K Li @if

\lY Ke@e AZ aRee Pj\ ^[ae ag aRee ^Re @i^ i\X Kea fM _ ac^ \e@ i_e ~R^ jZK ^AQ

2004 cije icM age \lY Ke@e fKc^ c_Q 982 KR AZ aaje Ke[aak, ZAI^e Gj 859 (\Zd) Ga R_^e 601 KR (ZZd) ej[f af dI^ Cq e_Ue \gAQ

@^ GK a\g _ZK "cKU IP' a]ae \^ iKk _Kg Ke[a GK e_Ue KjQ "" iC[ Ke@^ f cKe _ IW^i W iW AU jR iA^W G^ GMc I[ \ Mb^c @` Ieg U afW G Ufb afd^ AMUW f _ A^ \ A U, \ aM IbeiR A^bc i `e''

@[Z "" \lY Ke@e AZ ^cZ _ a]ae \^ KjQ ~, _a eRe 52 jRe KU Uue iaajZ AZ KeL^ _Z Kea fM IWg ieKeu ij eR^c le KeQ Ga iaZ Gj jCQ ia]K \e@_e GKK a\g _ a^~M

iPakde eR^c leZ ja _ae KC \aRK @]e Ke a\g MYc]c aghKe \lY Ke@e i\_Z MWK _ @]Kec^u CqK CeKe "eR^c jA~AQ' af Lae _Kg Kf Zj Z[bm cjfK \ߦe _KA \AQ

_aZ KeL^K ^A ieKe I _ c]e _KZe KZU eR^c jAQ? iPakd eR^c _ae ieKeu KYi Z _Z^] \k \f K \lY Ke@e G iKe eR^c le Ke ieQ K? ~\ GK]K eR^c jAQ Za iMWK KY?


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