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   IWg Lae ilZKe

  agh Lae

IWge a



 _ai IW@

@c KG

_eY _


RfA 5,2005,cwkae

IWge _ LUAaK Af K^ @Mj

IWg WU Kc i\\Z

ba^ge, RfA 5 (IWg WU Kc) \lY Ke@e iaajZ AZ ^cZ _, ZAI^e aLZ MW ~_Z _ZKe KdcK _QK Ga Afe _i ]Za ^cZ Kei IWge _ a^~M fM @Mj _Kg KeQ

MZ R^ 22 ZeL \^ _e\_e 51 jRe KU Uu ade \ge iaajZ AZ KeL^ fM _ eR ieKeu ij eR^c le Kea_e LYR i\e be IWge @U ~g ^cY fM ZAI^e KdcK @^^Kba @Mj _Kg Ke[f

^KUe IWg Me @i `e ~A[a Kei K^e _Z^]\k eRe be ci^ ~_Z iwK @^^ AZ icM C_\^ fM @Mj _Kg Ke[a g abMe RY Zw @]Ke IWg WU KcK icae \^ KjQ

Kei K^ G iKe @\a] @^^Kba KYi _a \A^[f j ic^ IWgK @ia fM M Kke @Z Cj _\g^ Ke[a i KjQ

iP^~M K, @RZK K^ Kei AZ I @fc^dc iwK @^^ ]Za icM C_\^ _A age ag LZ @R^ KeQ ^\ef, Rc^, `^i, ^eI Ga afRdc icZ @^^ i^e Gje KeL^ @Q Ga _d 50 jRe KcPe G[e Kc KeQ

(IWg WU Kc)

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