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   IWg Lae ilZKe

  agh Lae

IWge a



    _ai IW@

@c KG

_eY _


RfA 7,2005,Meae

e[~Z fM _ee @bZ_a ^e_ aai

IWg WU Kc : aaZ ij

ba^ge,RfA 7 (IWg WU Kc) @~e ec ce C_e MZ cwkae \^ @Zua\ @KcY_e
RfA 8 ZeLe jaK [a ag_i _e e[~Z _A eR _fi _gi^ _le KW iel aai MjY

KYi _Kee ia @KcYK GWAa fM G[e e[~Ze iel aaiK _a_l KWKW Ke~AQ I
\A fl R^iL ag _e ijee Z^U _ag _[e Z ~PKe \k cZd^ jAQ af _fi
_gi^e RY Zw @]Ke IWg WU KcK KjQ

e_W @Ki^ `i, if @_ei^ M_, ac ^d \k, Ue, AfR^i @`ieu cgA 25gje
C _fi KcPeu cZd^ Ke~A[a Ga Gje Z\eL be @Zeq _fi cj^gK @ce^
_^dKu C_e ^ Ke~A[a i KjQ

~ KYi _Kee @NUYK GWAa fM ijeK _ag Ke[a ic ~^aj^, jUf, fR, MjCi
MWKe Z^L Ke~CQ Ga aW\e Cbd _ge [a ab^ Nee QZ C_e ielKcc^u ^dRZ

GVe 57 KfcUe \e _e ijee \\g gZe ^cZ gcee @ai^ Ke[a Z^ VKe _Zah
MUG [e fM ajeK @i e[e iai]eYu MjYe ^@\^ _A ^KUi cCi c'u ceK ~A[

iP^~M K, _Zah IW@ _e @hX ci gK_l \Zd Z[e @^Z jC[a Gj e[~Ze g
RM^[, bA akb\ I bCY ib\u e[e \CW ]e UYf iKk __e cq ck[G af bqc^u c]e
agi ej @iQ

cCi c'u ce (MP ce)e \N ^@ \^e @ai^_e Z^ VKe _Y gceK `ea \^K ajW
~Z af Kj~A[G _M @^Kk ejf e[~Z _A Gah _ee @Ve \g fl bqu icMc jae
ia^ ejQ af gce _gi^e iP^ @]Ke fl]e _R_ KjQ

(IWg WU Kc )      

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