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   IWg Lae ilZKe

  agh Lae

IWge a


   _z\        _ai IW@

@c KG

_eY _


RfA 7,2005,Meae

_ee ^a~a^ \g^ fM fl]K bqu icMc

IWg WU Kc : jKe cg

_e, RfA 7 (IWg WU Kc) IWge agaLZ e[~Ze \^K _ae gcee _eeK eZe jA @i[a Z^ VKeu ^a ~a^ \g^ fM Meae \^ _ee fl]K bqu icMc jAQ

be ak a^KfM ^Z i_ Ke~a_e gRCu gcL iMe Ga _e PK @Yie, cwk @eZ, cAfc @\ ^Z i_^ jA[f Ga @Yie ZU `U[f I gaMjc^u ^a~a^ \g^ @e jA[f af gcee _gi^e RY ae @]Ke IWg WU KcK KjQ

@^_le c]j 12U i _d \X jRe bq _ecYK \g^ Ke[aak @^^ 6 e 7 jRe ijYck \g^ Ke[f af i KjQ

gRCu ^a~a^ \g^ _A aMZ 48 N c]e _ee @^^ 2fl ~Zu icMc jAie[a Rf _gi^ _le @Kk^ Ke~A[ae RY ae @]Ke KjQ

(IWg WUKc)

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