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   IWg Lae ilZKe

  agh Lae

IWge a



 _ai IW@

@c KG

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RfA 14,2005,Meae

ieKe ^j, ]^Z iMcu Maf \f i^

IWg WU Kc : eZKe \g

cfK^Me, RfA 14 (IWg WU Kc) a]ae \^ IWge RY gZd ]^Z iMcue \j Lae cka_e ieKe Kk i_ ^eaZ @af^ Ke[aak Mcaic^ Zu cegeeK i^ RYA @gk a\d \AQ

cfK^Me Rfe i\e cjKcVe 60 KfcUe \e LAe_U aK ^KU aMW Me fK_d @\ai ^Z @\ Mfe cjZ Mu beZ QW @k^, faY iZMj, @ij~M @k^e bM ^A[f
Gjij _X

IWge ag ]^Z iMc @\ Mfeu _efK
gZd ]^Z iMcue Ga aa _A fXA
aUg _fie fV _je I MkcWe aee @jZ jA Rfe e KVee Ne \g c]e \^ @ZajZ Ke[f j iMc _[e aPZ ja Kj Ka \L^[f

a]ae beak Zu \j Lae_A Rfe ab^ @\ai Mce iji]K iLe cjk I _eh Zu M \e bW RcA[f aghKe Rfe @^K @MY zia @^^e gZ]K i\i 110 ahe Gj adR ]^Z iMcu gh a\d \a fM Z_e jA CV[f

^chK c]e RZd _ZK Xu jA ej[a Zu cegee _Z jA~A[f ab^ ewaewe _jee ga gb~Z M \e ~aak _ZU Ne bZe bi @i[f K^e e Ga _dZ ia gb~Zu @Le be ~A[f fj

]^Z iMcu \j iKe Zu _eae _le Rf _gi^K aj _ae iP^ \@~A[f j PZe ^@ fMa _~ RY jf @]Ke C_iZ ^jae C_iZ R^i]eYu c]e _ak @ih \L\A[f

c Uee [f af ~A_ef ^j, KjQ i^d aWI \Lgc _AK

(IWg WU Kc)

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