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i_ִe 4,2006 icae
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_gi^K @ajk _A a^ _eiZ iw^

IWg WU Kc i\\Z

ba^ge, i_ִe 4(IWg WU Kc) IWge a^ _eiZ 2001 K 2003e a^bk jA^[f c _gi^K aW_ Ga eR cu \e\ aj^ ^Z _eiZK @Z]K Me KeQ af a^ a_^ c^ cZ_Kg KeQ

Kak gZZ_ ^dZ KVee _i K^`e^e aja ^aK _i Ke[a aW_ c^ a^ a_^u \eai \e Kea _ea _eiZK iw^ Ke i[e `A\ ^aK PZ af KQ aRa cZ \AQ

a^e Ne biMf, RZd eR_[e Lf @Kg Zk _W ejQ, _^d Rk ^j, bKf _Ue ckQ ^Zu _ZgZ, Gj icde _Y @if fNP_ ah Gbk iZe l I bKf R^Z ^Zu MWK UK
cea QW K'Y a Kea

Gj _eiZ C_R[f g^ae I eaae K_We a^ke g^ae eR eRc c^cj^ icf Ga eaae L\ cLc ^a^ _^dK Gj bKf a^a_^ue ic Ke ^_e jZgbae `e @iQ

MZ \A ci jf IWge fNP_ Ne Ke ejQ \A cie 9U fNP_ _e Ga 10c fNP_ eRK QAQ a^ KCV 4[e Z KCV 5[ee _jfY Za @^K i^e eR _gi^ a_^u ~[ ef` \ae a`k jAQ

_gi^e \e\ aj^ ^Z ~M _eiZ KZ Le_ jA_e Zje Rk C\jeY \L~AQ K_W Rfe MZ a]ae eZe cj^\e a^Rk Za aMe aXae fM[f

Gj a^Rk K_W Rfe ^Z GK]K NA Kea Ga Zj ^dY ajeK Pf~a af ab^ MYcce c P aq Ke~A[f K eR eR]^ ba^gee ai[a _gi^K aW_ c^ Kak i\K ik^ WK ca \ae a [f

a^ cKaf _A eR ieKe ia _Z KeQ af eRaiu MYcce aaZ \A ia VKVK [a cLcu RYAae Gc^u bcK [f MeZ_ K a^ke aa PZ Gc^u _\ Z[Ve ajZ \ee

eaae ii K_W Rf cgNA aKe KjW I @A _dZe a^ a_^u ^KUe _gi^ _j _e^[a L\ cL iPa W iai _Y Ke KeQ \A _dZe iji]K fK Z^\^ jf _Y Nee @Q MeZ_ \Ze-_e\_ eR_[e QNe@ ^KUe NA jAQ

Li G[_A K_W a^ke iZ ^dY ajeK PfMf Meae _aje iVe _eiZ bdue jA[f c _ea 48 N i Rka fKu Ce Kea _A Ww ^[f K fKu _A _^d Rk U_ C_f jf^j

jZMYZ ae] \k ^Z a^ke Ce K~ PkA eR^ZK `A\ ^ae i`k jf Gbk iZe eR c c^cj^ icf \^K@ @Z[ bk g^ae a^k afaK ~A[f Zu \L bKf R^Z @]K CZq jA Vf_f KeaK _QAf ^j

c^cj^ ia eM iSAf icl aVKe Rf_ku C_e _KZ _eiZK fPA K_W Rf_ku jUA \@Mf ~_eK a^ _eiZ iw^ ja _Qe Kak Rf_k RZ_Kg \d

_gi^e aW_ c^ cLcu aSAf ia VK @Q Pf a^k RZdee ibe cLc ^a^ _^dK fK_d cLc ZfKe i^ _AQ IWg l_MZe ic \Me Pf[ae iU`KU _Af Ga 48 N _ae cLc \fe _ee c i\e MjY Kf

K ^R _gi^e KQ \dZj^ @]Ke Ga eRcu @^bmZ _A a^k M ak K_We eaae Zu MW C_e fK UKcW KeaK _QAf ^j a]jG cLc ^a^ _^dK IWge gi^ be
MjY Kea _e _[c [e _A G_e _eiZe iL^ jf




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