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Special Dussera Festival Discount
Water Purifier & Reverse Osmosis System
Power Inverter & Home UPS

Deals in Industrial R.O System and High KVA On Line UPS
Exchange Your Any Old Inverter With SU-KAM & U.T.L
Total Solution for Water, Power & Sound
Lifetech India, Chakadola Complex, Budharaja, Sambalpur,
Ph: 0663-2403964, M-9437192649

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Best Dussera wishes
Hemraj Glass & Plywood Centre
Archid ply-Veneers-plywood-pre-lam since 1976
Deals in archid WR Ply wood: Archid Veneers, archid:
pr-laminated, archid door, archid door skins, merinol laminates, Hindalco Aluminum section-Brass fitting & hardwire

Gangadhar Meher college road Sambalpur Phone 2405182
Mobile: 09437054162



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