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^be 8,2006 a]ae
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 jAKUe \kZu ce _ag ccf

IWg WU Kc i\\Z

ba^ge, ^be 8(IWg WU Kc)IWge K_W Rfe GK cee \kZu _ag KUKY ccf jAKUe _jQ

Rfe eR^Me [^ @MZ KeWMW RM^[ cee \kZu ce _agK aeY Ke~A[a ak \kZc^ GjK @c^ Kea af \A[a PZa^ ie eRe @fW^ i Ke[a ak Gj ccfK ^A jAKUe GK _Ui^ \Lf jAQ

_eiZ gRM^[ cee \kZu _ag aeY Ke~A^[a ak KeWMW cee G ^A KUKY ejQ ZY jAKU Gje aPe Ke \kZu ce _ag _A @^cZ \aK _[^ Ke ~a @WbKU @ld cfK jAKUe GK cKc \Ge KeQ

i]^e ]e 14,15 I 19 @^~d ic^ @]Ke be a ^aghe j \a\au \g^ Keae KYi _ZaK ^[a ak KeWMWe i _eiZ i]^e aePeY KeQ af _Ui^e \g~AQ

KU Gj _Ui^K aPe _A MjY Ke eR @^iPZ RZ I R^RZ iPa Ga K_W Rf_ku Raa \Lf _A ^Ui Re ReQ

iP^~M, 2005 cij KK _c \^ KQ @ia cjk KeWMWiZ RM^[ cee _ag C\c Ke[a ak _RKc^ ic^u \X ae] Ke[f

^KUe fj@ aPe c ^ZZe \kZ c^ @i 19 ZeLe cee _ag KeaK _Z PkAa ij NhY Ke[ae eRa_ @fW^ i jAQ





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IWg WU Kce NhY^c