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Wie 6,2006 a]ae
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Ra^ _Z aZj \A b^lc bA

IWg WU Kc: jc eCZ

afge, Wie 6(IWg WU Kc) ag b^lc \aie ab^ aX Cae b^lcu Z^PK@ iAKf I jAf Pde a _gi^ Ga Qia ii aja ^C[a ak IWge b\K Rfe \A b^lc bA Ra^ _Z aZj jA_WQ

\A b^lc bA PK I i~K ^Re \i eMe cq iKg ~_e \@e _e \@e \WQ Zj \Lf _gi^ K Qia ii b^lcu C^Z _A KZ iPZ^ Zj ag RY_W

Rfe ai\a_e aK @MZ \]ac^_e Mce i^Z^ cjKWu \A _Z PK cjKW, 33 Ga i~K cjKW, 29 ah Ga e_Zu ^KUe AQcZ @a\^ KeaK ^ ^AQ

Za Gj _ae i ^R @L \^ KeaK AQ KeQ \A bA aMZ 11 ah ]e GK R^MZ eMe _WZ, ~\eK ic^u ab^ @w_Zw \^K \^ \ak jA~CQ Gj eMe cq _AaK ic^ue @agK PK c Cc e_ jA _e^j

ba^gee GK K^e Kc Ke[a ak 1995e aWbA PK Gj eMe gKe jA NeK `e @i[a ak Gje Z^ah _e i^ bA c @K jA eRMe QW NeK _kA @iaK a jA[f

@igf abMe _`ie W a.a.\ u cZe, "Gj eM @Uicf eiib f MeWf WA` ^ce _ePZ Gj \i eM _Z Z^ fle cZ Z^ RYu jA[G Ga @eM jaK aj @[ Z[ Z PKe @agKZ _W[G'

_Z i^Z^ cjKW Kj, "\A _@u PK _A ce ic ik Ly KefY ic^u _[c KUK Giia cWKf KfR Ga _e ba^gee Kkw ji_Ufe PK Ke~A[f

G_eK IfU_e iZ @igf aghmu ^KUK ~A[f c KYi fb jA ^j Wqec^ eM PjU Ke[f c C_gc Keae @ijdZ _Kg KeQ aMZ GK ah ]e ic^ @da\ PKe @Q'

\e\ iceL ^ce [a Gj _eae @\a] Ae @ai ~R^e c aZ jA ejQ "cjaZe Pk NeU bw ~A[f Ga Zj Ga a cecZ jA ^j

Ae @ai ~R^e GK Ne ce jA[f c @[ ck^j aK be c a aZ' ^eg KYe KjQ 65 ahe a i^Z^

" ~C adie @c _Zu ^c ije ja K[, i adie @c Zu C_e aS jaK c @C Pj^j' Ra^ _Z aZj PK fZK be @Le KjQ

eR ieKe b^lcu ^c ab^ ~R^ _Yd^ Ke[f c Gj _eae iia ~R^e ~ ajZ \ee Zj i

icRK K~K \f_ Kce _eW Kj, "b^lcu ^c iaVe aW ici aKe \ge ieKeu @_l aieKe C\M ia]K ^~q \C[a ak b^lcu _Z ic^u ^Re ^ _Wa \bMR^K'

ieKe c aieKe C\M MWK ij G \Me @fP^ Ke b^lcu ^c ^~q i~M i Kea \eKe b^lcu c @Z^begk jaK ~[ _j^ cka @agK af _eW KjQ

G iKe b\K Rf_k ^k^ Kce acu ij ~M~M Keae i Kj[f, "c Gj _eaee _eiZ iKe iPZ^ ^j ieKe ik ce c ic^u ij~ KeaK ^d P Kea'





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