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R^de 26,2007 gKae
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\gbq @Me cIa\u ]cK ^k

IWg WU Kc i\\Z

ba^ge, R^@e 26(IWg WU Kc) \gbq @Me cIa\u ]cK ~ KQ ^j Zj _cYZ KeQ \lY IWge PeU cIa\ C_\Z Rfe @]ai c^

gKae R^eR \ai @aiee cIa\u ]cK i IWge edRW, MR_Z, cfK^Me Ga Ke_U Rfe iji]K fK ab^ Cae bM ^AQ

Gj PeU Rfe R^eR \aiK aR^ Kea ij GjK Kk \ai ba _k^ KeaK ac_^ cIa\ c^ _ae eR aiu ]cK \A[f

@ag Gj \aie cfK^Me Rf i\e cjKcVe 55 KfcUe \ea ZfKA Mce cIa\u cA^ aeYe RY Kd iel ak (i@e_G`)e RY ~a^ _Y jeA[a ak RY MeZe @jZ jAQ

K cIa\u ]cKK ^We _ jRee C fK Rf i\e cjKce @^Z R^eR \ai Cae bM ^A[a R^K _fi @]Ke IWg WU KcK KjQ

Rfe _gi^K cL c^h Kce ac Gj Cae GVe _ZK Ck^ Ke[f

ijbk edMW Rf_k be RZ gc Rfe i\e cjKce ^aNe _ZK Ck^ Ke[a ak iji]K fK Cae bM ^A[f

MR_Z Rfe _ekLc Ga Ke_U Rf i\e cjKce c RZd _ZK Ck^ Ke~A[a ak aj iLK fK G[e bM ^A[a eR MA abM iZe _Kg




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IWg WU Kce NhY^c