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`ade 1,2007 Meae
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L\aW \^Ze 2 Me`

IWg WU Kc i\\Z

ba^ge,`a@e 1(IWg WU Kc) IWge L\ I Mc\M aWe jA[a \^Ze RWZ [a @b~Me \A RY aqu KAca Me` Ke[a _fi Meae KjQ

eR]^ ba^gee d^U 3 Leak ^MeiZ IWg L\ I Mc\M aWe jA[a iX 3KU Uue \^Z ccfe KAca _ae 20 RYu Me` Ke ie[a ak a]ae @C \A RYu Me` KeQ

Me` \A RY jf ijee Uu_Y eWe ej[a KSeMWe iy\^ _^dKu _@ @~ _^dK Ga cge [^ @MZ Me_e Me MZ ^edY [email protected]eu _@ @~c [email protected]e

@~ _^dK ^ Kie ^cY _A aWe iX 6 fl Ga @~c AUbU _A iX 6 fl Uu ^A[f @~ eRe GK _ZZ Lae KMRe i\K Z[ KMi ^Zu iKd

GVee CfL~M ~ L\ aWe 26 RY EYMjZ EY ^A[a ak ic^u ^KUe _d iX 3KU Uu @\d jA_e^[f

aee ^Ui i Gj EY Uu @\d jA^_eae aWe ZZKk^ i\K Meg P cj 2003 c 21e Leak ^Me [^e GZf \A[f

ijah R^ 18 ZeLe Gj ccfe Z\ be KAcaK je Ke~A[f




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