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@_f 12,2007 Meae
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"Ra^ jea _Q _K Rc \a^j'

M M af `e Ke[a cf \Aue Ne ^j K QZ ^j Z[_ i @k QW ~aK _Z ^j _gi^, KeL^ I K^ bh i aS ^j Zu _Pef Ce ckf, "_ K ` @i @ce KQ ~G
^j @M c^cj^, ^a^, \c I a ^R Ne \@ _e @c \a'

KUKe eb^ KfR QZaie ej _X[a iMc KfR QW MK QW Pf @iQ _eiZ gY Zu _g, "jeK\ jC @[a ZkPe GciGf jC, Kkw^Me jC @[a _ jC ia\ Meau Rc ~CQ KjK? ai_Zu bZe Ka KU_Z, fl_Z a ^Z, _giKu ^c ^[G KjK? Mea ^R eqe Ke[a bUcU jeA ai_Z ja Ga K^e Uue @di Kea ]^/^Z G K _Ke MYZ?'

@ke RY ai i\^u _@ cAe PKe KeQ Ne Z@e KeaK A ah jf Uu _VAfY
K i\^ Ne ^Ke Ga a ^@Y@ Pk Ne ejQ KeY @MK K'Y ja KG RY Gj _eYZ
adie M QW K@W ~a af i IfU _g KeQ

i]eYZ cU@ _hK ]e _fiK \Lf M Me ckc@ UK gu~G K _ @ke \g
I fKu baaM Ga b^ Kkw^Me Ga ^Mce jI GVe au c^e be \AQ _gi^
ae] P]e

_fiK \L ic^ fjbe @Le cKaf KeaK _Z jCQ RYQ _Y Kkw^Me K ^Mc
GVe jA_e Z[_ ^R cU, ^R _^aeRe ccZ ic^u _A aW jAQ

eZ eZ CRMe jA gg _ag `UK RM[a ak \^e aj ehA ie aiQ `UK _Le
Z[_ c^ ic^ue @ZuZ, RY_e^j _gi^ @a ^a^ ieKe KC bhe aSa ic^u c^e


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