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@_f 23,2007 icae
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K_W: c Ree Z^ RYu cZ ij

IWg WU Kc: @gh i^_Z

K_W, @_f 23 (IWg WU Kc ) MZ \A \^ bZe IWge K_W Rfe Z^U aKe KZK Mce _d Z^ RYue c Re ~M cZ NU[a ij Ke~C[a @Zeq Rf cL PK @]Ke KjQ

Rfe Me\_e, cgNA I cjKk_W aK @MZ 10U Mce @^K aq Re I @MY a[e @b~M Ke i^d PKkde PKZ jC[a ak cgNA aKe Ke@_UY Mce _d Z^ RY aq MZ Meae I gKae \^ cZaeY KeQ

Za ic^ue cZ c Ree jA[a ij Ke~CQ af K_We @Zeq Rf cL PK @]Ke Wqe ]^ge _]^ KjQ

"WqeL^K @Y ~a _ae j ic^ _[c Re I _e c Ree @K jA Mce cZ aeY Ke[a' i KjQ

cZaeY Ke[a aq Ke@_UY Mce bMaZ cj 22, gZN ^dK 56 I iK aI 54 af PjU Ke~A[a _]^ KjQ

_Kg ~, Gj Mce 120 RY ai icZ 40 RY _f GK @mZ Ree @K jAQ `ke Mce _eiZ C\aM_ ejQ

iZ Rf ieKe ji_Ufe GK \k Cq McK ~A iVe 90 RY fKu ijZ 10 RY _fue c] eqe ^c^ iMj KeQ

"cZe iVK KeY RYa _A @c eqe ^c^K K_W Rf PKkde faUeK _el ^c _VA[a' W._]^ KjQ

@^_le " @mZ Ree @K aqu ieKe ji_Ufe Wqec^ iVK icde PK ~MA _e ^ [ae ic^ue cZ NUQ' K_We a]dK C}k Kge _eW @b~M KeQ

"PkZ Mh EZe _^d Rke ici K \e Kea _A Mck MWKe ~ Kk^ be @Pk ^kK_ MWK K~lc Kea _A eR ieKe Rf_ku ^g \A[f c] cjKk_W aKe \Aah _a @Pk jA _W ej[a ^kK_ MWK @\a] VK Ke~A _e^j '

"`ke GVe C}U _^d Rke ici \L \AQ ZY Mcai c^ ^KUi _Le I ^\e \hZ Rk _AaK a] jCQ

Za @^K Mce c Ree flY \L \A[f c] Rk ~MY abM @]Ke _^d Rk ~MA \C^[a' cjKk_We _aZ^ aK @]l akec _eW @b~M KeQ

Gj _e_le Wqeu GK \k Cq @kK _e\g^ Ke ie _jQ ~, ajZ Kc fK c Ree @K jA[A _e Ga @^c^ Rk R^Z eMe @K jAQ af W._]^ KjQ

"@^ _le Kak eMe flYK b Ke @K eM c^ue PK Ke~A_ea ia_e G[ij PK _A Rf ji_Ufe @agKd Jh] cjR\[a ak MckiZ ic _[cK PK Ke eMu PK _A ~[ _ecYe Jh] ~MA \@~AQ' i KjQ

Rk R^Z eM I c ReK ^dY Kea ^c Rf _gi^ _baZ @ke _^d Rk I cg cea _A aai Kea ^Z @agK af i KjQ

Za Gj @k MWKe _eiZ C\aM_ [ae R^ i abM @]Keu G[_Z iRM eja ij ic eM c^ue gN PK Kea _A i ^g \AQ af Rf_k Kg^[ ij KjQ


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