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19 R^ Meae 2008
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bUe ZfKe _ ae]u ^ a\

IWg WU Kc: @ce^[ _eW

RMZij_e, R^ 19(IWg WU Kc) _ ae]e @k^K ZaZe Kea _A M QW[a RMZij_e Rfe gj gj _ ae]u ^c Rf _gi^ bUe ZfKe a\ \a af RY @]Ke KjQ

cL ^aP^ Kcg^u ^g @^~d, MZ G_f ci 16 ZeLe Rfe ^@ bUe ZfK _A `U CV Ga bUe ZfK ig]^ K~ @e jA[f

Gj K~Kc cA 30 ZeL _~ Pf[a ak bUe ZfK ib K~e f glKc^u ^dRZ Ke~A[f

aj _ ae] Kc Ga ic^u ^Z @bd ij ^R M QW Xu@ Mce ejQ ij_e _ ae] I i_la\u c]e iNh fM ejae KQ Mcai bde @^Z ejQ

KQ fK _fi bde M QW _kA~Q Geic @ke KQ fK c] ^R M QW Xu@e ejQ bUe ZfK ib icde a[ ed @]Kec^ Gjc^ Me @^_iZ [a \gAQ

""ib K~ Z^ gYbq ~[ @^_iZ, i^eZ Ga cZ be _ePk^ Ke~G'' RY @]Ke KjQ ZY Gj fKc^ Me i^eZ jA[a Ga Me @^_iZ [ae ic^u ^ bUe ZfKe KU@~a af i KjQ

@^ _le ic^u jZjZ Kea _A Rf _gi^ Gj _^ @af^ KeQ af _ ae] ^Z @bd ij @b~M KeQ



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