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   IWg Lae ilZKe

  agh Lae

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@c KG

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^be 25,2005 gKae


@^ ^Z Zk^e IWge bw @]K RUk

Kj c_Pe IWg ^Ze _Pe Ke[a _Wg _cawe
\_K ed

_Wg _caw eRe
K_ee R^ MjY Ke[a \_K ed MZ \g ahe @]K icd ]e c_Pe IWge _Pe KeQ @^ eRe R^ jA c IWg ^Z _Z CiMKZ c^ba ~M i a\ge ^R _A GK Z _ePd i Ke_eQ

1993e cUe Ic^e A@^ Gi fe RY Kk glKba i ~M \A[f fe M`K @Ui _XAa aZZ @^ icde IWg ^Ze _Pe Ke 40 ah ad \_K

aqMZ Pe "\_c' ^Zgl @^^ _Z Ke \_K _d 300e @]K QZQZu iVe ^Z gl Zfc \CQ iVe ej[a \lY beZd Ga beZd cifc c^ IWg gLaK @]Kg iLe @iQ

be _Ue @e jA akZ eZ _~ Zue ^Z gl Pf ijR ^Z bw eP^ Keae ^Re iR^gkZ _A ghc^u cjfe i ag @\eYd

 KfKZe g ^KZ^e M`K @U gl Kea ij \_K iVe gLQK[Kk, cY_e Ga IWg f Ra^e _\[ am^, eid^ am^, MYZ @\ ahd _X[f c _e i Kk @WK @]K @KhZ jA[f

Me Kk ^deuVe K[Kk, RZ^ iuVe cY_e gL[f c IWg ^Z _Z Zue @^eM [f

""GK icde GK]K ^Z _\g^e ^ \f KYi MUG _Z ^d Kea ia jG^ ZY 1989e Kak IWg ^Ze c^^ag KeaK c ^ ^A[f''

beZd ^ZMWK ce "IWg' ia _eZ^ Ga Gje bwMWK @^ ^Z Zk^e @]K RUk af agi Ke Kk_c \_K

IWg ^ZK ag \eaee GK Z _ePd _\^ Ke[a _\ bhY Me Kk PeY cj_Zu Ve i ^Z Zfc ^AQ

i ~Zak Ic^ ~A[f IWg ahde iVKe fKc^ue KYi ]eY ^ [f af Kj \_K ""^Ze _Pe _A _eK @aie cZ ab^ bwe @b^d Ke GVKe fKc^u \LAaK _W[f''

Cq @ke _d Zeg fl beZd ej Ga ic^u ce @]Kg cUe ejQ

IWge Gj ic iZK Kk _c Gi@ cj\ge fKc^u aZZ ac^ dGA, aje^, \j @\ \ge \gKc^ La _i KeQ af \_K IWg WU KcK KjQ

_kdue i^c _e MZ c cie cUe @fa^ _fi jUfe i GK iZK K~Kce ^Z ^g^ \A[f

i_ IWg gke _KZe cjZK Gj ^Z cce PZZ Ke~A[f _d 40 RY ~a KkKe G[e bM ^A[f C_iZ gZ]K a\g \gK Gj K~KcK ag C_bM Ke[f af \_K KjQ

@]^K IWg gke Zue i "AUe^f R U i' Ga "Rwf i^'K \gKc^ bdi _gi KeQ i^d beZd \Zaie @RZd ee K~Kce _\g^ _A ic^ \_Ku ^cY Ke[

beZ, ^_k, dGA @\ \ge _\g^ Keie[a \_K "R g' icde ^Re Z gke c i{, @fK Ga ge i~R^ Ke[

Za Zue Gj i`kZ _Qe _Z a^R Kce edue _eY [a cq KYe Ke Ke \_K a^R IWge R^ MjY KeQ i eR jg Zfc Ke RY ae @]Keu \dZ ZfA ieQ

\_Kue a_ _cawe \M_e f _e K~eZ c@ RY KkKe \_Ku cgA Zue \A bA \A bCY \_K ia aW

Zue i^ bCY ac^ Ce_\ge K^_ee K[Kk ^Ze _ie _A Kc Ke[a \_K KjQ

IWg WU Kc      

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