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ba^gee Z_cZ _Y 40WM U_f
"R af i ^jf' PkyZe _\g^ a
Ue ccfK ^A _Y MkK
AR^de jae fl eLQ iaGiA IWg Ue
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g^Me ZkPee Z_cZ jf 47 WM
^R @Pke ici ic]^ Kf cjk
b\Ke iLfNu @KcYe _P MeZe
"IWge a' abMe ^c _KZ Ke    @^^ Lae
aYR aaid       am^ iP^ I _~q   PkyZ
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_fi abMe @ckPk _ea^ @agK
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""@^K _ee _A[f, Za gek _ee bk GZ aW _ee _Aae ibM _ae bMe Ka RU ^[f af'' PkZ ah eRe i^R^K gek _ee _AaK c^^Z jA[a _`ie j\^ ed GK Z ilZKee IWg WU KcK KjQ


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