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\Z^Mee Z_cZ _Y 40 WM U_f : GWie ae] fM afKe ij~ ^f g : MjKu _A ^iKe caAf ia aai   : IWge afKg R^ 7e af^ ~a : bUcU _A Uu a\ke fKu ckQ fVcW   : _fi ij iNhe \A cIa\ ^jZ : Wqeu @ajke IR_ ^Zu cZ : bA : "IWge a' abMe ^c _KZ Ke

IWg Lae

_ai IW@


agh Lae

IWge a


       R^ 1,2005,a]ae


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GWi ^dY K~Kc _A aajZ jC[a iuZ Ga RY Kukie c^ae aeUKd afK PZ afKg i\g^ _e ic\ afe a]ae \^ Z@e Ke[ae \g

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  ZR Lae       ~q\A _el`k     @^^ Lae           
\Z^Mee Z_cZ _Y 40 WM U_f  11.00PM
GWie ae] fM afKe ij~ ^f g 9.00PM
MjKu _A ^iKe caAf ia aai 6.25PM
IWge afKg R^ 7e af^ ~a 3.30PM
bUcU _A Uu a\ke fKu ckQ fVcW 1.55PM
_fi ij iNhe \A cIa\ ^jZ 12.2PM
Wqeu @ajke IR_ ^Zu cZ : bA 6.30AM
"IWge a' abMe ^c _KZ Ke   
aYR aaid       am^ iP^ I _~q   PkyZ
_eag      eR^Z     Kk    i


    @_e]       ^e



  IWg WUKc agh
  bahZe AR^de ja ce fl :i\_  
  bahZe RY AR^de jA ^RK \g iae ^dRZ Kea iwK @[K \ak gY fKu CZ[^ fM K~ Kea af PkZ ~q am^ _ele ~M Ueu c]e @^Zc ba^ge aRa R^de KfRe QZ i\_ ed IWg WU KcK KjQ
R^UKe MahY Kea: iZ\g 
  RY bf AR^de ^Zba ja Ga R^UK ahde @]K MahY Kea af PkZ ~q \A am^e ~M Ueu c]e @^Zc i^d aRa R^de KfRe _ Ie` iZ\g ^ IWg WU KcK KjQ
  IKf jA fKu ^d \aK Az : @gc^
  IWge IKfu iL Kc ^j, Z[_ bahZe RY aW IKf jA icRe \ak gYe fKc^u @A^MZ ijdZ ~MA \aK fl eLQ af Kj icae \^ _Kg _A[a ~q \A _el `ke aYR Ue @gc^ e[ Ie` eR
  a gl[ cUK _ele ePf AZji
  IWge GK @\ai @]iZ Rfe ^@ RY a gl[ GKiw cUK _ele KZZ @R^Ke eRe gl AZjie ^@ @]d i KeaK ilc jAQ
  _Uk eie cjKf iw_ee IW@ icag
  iw_ee ej[a _d gj RY _ai IW@ ^KUe GK icage ^Re bR^ [ke _[c[e fM @k_Uk eiK i^Z Ke P Ke[f _AaK NeA L\e i@\
  agh ilZKe
  R_^e gKu _K iKe KeQ i^
  IWge _e ijee RY iZK WM]e ajY IW@ ~aK i\e R_^e _jP cZ 10 ah c]e iVe ^R _A i Ke_eQ GK Z i^


`U `Pe

cZbc cZ-  bhe ccZ

~ j\ R^c ^j
ZK ~a m^-  MYe MYa

@m^ eja Kj

 ba Ka Mw]e cje

iR^:IWg WU Kc

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