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@M 15,2006 cwkae
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Ga ZM @_l bMaki @]K (ilZKe)

i [f a_ c'ue GKcZ @f@k _@ Zu _A ij ccZe @ba ^[f K beZ c'e K Zu UY ^A[f ]^Z iMce fXAK f Ra^e [e "MR K Rd' Kj[ae Zu LAaK _W[f aZcW

i jf ba^gee ]^ iMc ba^ _^dK Zu bhe ac^e fKu ^KUe ZM ^j @Q Kak bM aki

IWg WU Kc:P^d ij/@eg f_

ba^ge,@M15(IWg WU Kc)IWge ba^ge @gK^Me ^ai ba^ _^dK 85 ah 1942 cije \gc gY @]d^ Ke[a icde ]^Z iMce Si \A[f

1922cije _e Rf ^c_W Me ^edY _^dK I Kc\^ _^dKu iZ S@e GK cZ _@ ba R^ ^A[f _^dK

fe _X[a icde MRu WKee @^_YZ jA \g cZK iae ^RK ^dRZ Ke[f ag ]^Z iMc cj^ \i, ckZ \a @\u ige @i i ]^Z fXAe Si \A[f

\gK ]^ Kea _K iKe Kea _A i c'u fjK LZe ^Ke @k^e ~M \a_A @MA @i[f

KkKc i _\g KMi KcUe i\K,fKib Ga eRibe ib [f \g cZKe iae ^RK ^dRZ Ke 1942e 1946cij _~ Rfe a Ra^ aZA[f Zu _Z ai ce _^dK RY MjY Zue PeU S@ I \AU _@ @Q   Zu ij ]^Z iZ i_Ke GK @ew @k_

]^Z Ra^e @bf iZ i_Ke KQ Kja K?

Ce: ce c^ _WQ i\ [f 1931 cij Wie 12 ZeL c iZak fe _X[f aUg icU _c RRu Cge @c fe GK Cia _k^ Ke~C[f Cae ieu ^g @^~d ia _f "_c RR K Rd' Kj[a ak c Kj[f "cjc M K Rd' `ke cZ cW LAaK _W[f

MR ij icde a\g R^h aR^ KeaK Kj[f I fK ^R iZ KU,a Z@e Ke _e]^ KeaK _aA [f Gj aY c j\dK @kZ Ke[f I i 1942 cije c beZ QW @k^e ~M \A[f

]^Z _ae beZ Kbk [f?

Ce:]^Z _ae \ge @ai @Z gP^d [f \e\ Z[ _e]^Z ~M fK Lie Ra^ @ZajZ Ke_e^[f _fiK \La cZ ic fP[f aUg ieKeu ~M ic^ LAa _ae Ne @ia]e iL^ jC[f

]^Z _ea icRK @_Y Kbk \LQ?

Ce:ac^ fKc^ ZM @_l bM akie @]K Z_e jA_WQ ic^ @e i jC^j ,@]K _Aae @g ic^u [_e Ke_KAQ \ge C^Z @_l ic^ ^Re C^Z Kea _A @]K @ga\

@_Yu KYi _ @]e ej~AQ K?

Ce:@ba @^U^e ej c] \g cZKe ia cZ _baZ Ke[f I ]^ beZ _Z Kea _A @k^e ~M \A[f

 beZ ]^ ja_e eceR _Z _ K _eY jA_ef ^j ac^e ~a_X ^R [ i]^e f [ae \g C^Z Kea _ea @a^Z Ke[ae ajZ \L fMQ

@_Yu cZe \g C^Z K_e jA_ea?

Ce: fKc^ RMZ jf j \ge C^Z @Ya ia \ge be ac^ ~a_Xu jZe ic^ RMZ jA ^R [K bf \dZa^ Z[ Ka _edY ja ^Z @agK

"GK QU cjcaZ @f@ _\^ Ke @eK \e Ke[G ij_e fKc^ GKZ jA @eK \e Ke_ef,GK C^Z \ge ia '




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