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Attention Electrical engineers
Prepare yourself for interview
Batch size-10, Course duration-6 weeks, Course fee Rs.5000/
Finishing School for electrical engineers
Bhubaneswar, Contact-9937312457


_aZ \M _R C_fl @eK @b^^
ic _Ke c^iK eMe ^be~M PKikd
c^iK PKikd
(_Mk ia i\^) fe_f, ijf, aeMW(IWg)

Rk ^i^ _[e Mcaiu ~ZdZ : LY @ke R^gYY gae GK _ji^ : ai bZe RfU^ eW I Ze RaZ : @LW Lkak MMk, 33 @jZ : ~Zaj ai \NUYM 12MeZe : ee Li_W RY cZ,RY @jZ : ai_Zu _A \gje `K : I d^d^ c^ U^`ee ]K : c\\K^ i^e _A Mcaiu ieK_Z  : @c ehA Ne"ai^ ae`'(\gje agh) : eRe _[c iAae KAc [^ C\NUZ : 70 Kc \Wf @^i@ : cee a_Ru _R : _\hY C_e gYY ak _WRk, @V Me` : @c ehA Ne"gK c' : IWge C^Z _A _aZ^ @AGGi @`ieu @b~^ : Acf/`eIW ia] Ke(PV_Z) : Kfe _e ^aKeY Ke(PV_Z) :  bw \\e MWe aj jCQ f _f : aije cjku _A @ge SfK "cg^ @g' : _c IWge bAc^u _A bCYc^u ^Rk C_ai : ^[ecK ]e[a aqu _eae _Z @aPe : @a^ aue jZ Mea `eAa :i{^ gc :  cR@wu ae] ~M de^@c LY ib a : "IWge a'e ^c _KZ Ke
@Kae 3, 2006 cwkae
ZR Lae                  @c am_^\Z               ^~q             
Rk ^i^ _[e Mcaiu ~ZdZ
\lY_a ekaAe @ajk ~M IWge \AU ijee _d 18U Mce Mcaic^ Rk ^i^ _[K Pf_[ ba aaje KeQ
LY @ke R^gYY gae GK _ji^
IWge @\ai @hZ KSe Rfe ab^ KeL^ I K^ Ke[a R^gYY gaee fKu iciK C_l Ke~C[ae Zj Kak _ji^ ba ia jCQ
jAKU a i_^K ^A @k^ a_K
ai bZe RfU^ eW I Ze RaZ
@LW Lkak MMk, 33 @jZ
~Zaj ai \NUYM 12MeZe
ee Li_W RY cZ,RY @jZ
ai_Zu _A \gje `K
IWge C_Kka @ke [a GK Rfe _aZ GK AZ KeL^ ~M ^Re bUcU jeC[a fKc^u _A \gje _k^ `K _WQ
I d^d^ c^ U^`ee ]K
^R @cdu _LK gN Uu _VAa _A ~\ I d^d^ c^ U^`e _e @RZd iie ij~ ^a _A ba[ Za ia]^ @_Y ]Ke iL^ jae ia^ ejQ
c\\K^ i^e _A Mcaiu ieK_Z
@c ehA Ne"ai^ ae`'(\gje agh)
ai^e GK PcP N@ \A bfbae MkA eL Pfe KXA aiA N@ Mec Ke KR, KiciK bR eL ij KXAe L@K MKe a\c ew ja _~ bR eL
eRe _[c iAae KAc [^ C\NUZ
70 Kc \Wf @^i@
cee a_Ru _R
IWge if_e ije C_KYe RY _aZ^ a]dKu C\ce ^cZ GK cee RZe _Z cjc Mu cK i^d fK ah ah ]e _R Ke @i[a ak icae M Rd @aiee ceK i^d fKu i@ QUQ

@^ ZR Lae

            agh                 Font Problem Click here

^[ecK ]e[a aqu _eae _Z @aPe

GK\ RZe _Z cjZ Mu jZKe ^[ec MWiK Ka Ke_e[a aq Z[ ^@\fe aek aiba^e ck [a aqu a]a _Zu aek K^ @aPe e_ Ga ciK cZ 25 Uu _^i^ \CQ Qa : @gh
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@c ehA Ne"gK c'(\gje agh)
MAee PCkK M Ke PCke \A MY _Y MUG _Ze \A Pfe ai i[e \ @^ie fY I 2/3 PcP P^ _K _Y `UMf M Ke eL[a PCkK ]e]e _KA bfbae N


_c IWge bAc^u _A bCYc^u ^Rk C_ai
IWge _cke _d 11U Rfe _ZK ah_e PkZ ah c bAc^u _A bCYc^ KeQ ^Rk C_ai


aije cjku _A @ge SfK "cg^ @g'
icRe c^iK @lc Ga Mjj^ cjku _A @ge GK SfK jAQ "cg^ @g' GK \g ]e ^R fle @MA Pf[a ak ii c^iK @lc cjk c^u @gd \a fle 2003 e @e Ke[f "cg^ @g'


 Kfe _e ^aKeY Ke
c IWg WU Kce RY ^dcZ _VK MZ KQ ci jf GK aPZ ahd c ^ReK @iQ PkZ ahe Kfe \@ ~j IW@ fKc^u ij~ Kea


Acf/`eIW ia] Ke
@_Yc^u ^aeZ I \gje @b^^
@_Yu iAUe KYi fL ^Re a _LK _VAa _A Acf/`eIW ia] Kea _A _a \CQ


IW@ Z@e Kf 70 jRe Uu@ Ke 
GK\ Mj ^Z _A GK LkY Ke KY^_e ZK aa Ke C_je \a R\e IWge RY aq @R cZ 70/80 jRe Uu Lye g Ke Z@e Keae i`k jAQ
bw \\e MWe aj jCQ f _f
IWge aeMW Rf i\e cjKce @^K gl^^ QZQZu ~ZdZ _A a@A^ ba bw \\e ai aaje Ke[ae Zj ic^u Ra^K a_\_^ KeQ
KSe _gi^e R@wu Rc C_e fb
IWge @\ai @hZ GK Rf KSee Rf _gi^ ab^ i^e MQ KUK _j^ \C[a ak ale_Y ^c R@w c^u Rc C_e ff_ \ _KAQ
ice \AU cee gZ]K _gak
IWge K_W Rfe \AU cee cjic @aiee _d 250 _gu \au ic^e jRe jRe bq gKae ak \AQ
R@wu ae] ~M de^@c LY ib a
IWge @\ai @hZ KSe Rfe GK @ke LY L^^ I ib KcK R@w i\de fK Ne ae] Keae Zj a KeaK abMd @]Kec^ a jAQ


@a^ aue jZ Mea `eAa :i{^ gc
IWge GK @MY icad au KUK @a^ K-@_eUb aue ib_Z \dZ ZZd [e _A ae aR_ ^Z i{^ gc MjY Kea ij Gje jZMea `eA @YaK \X _Zm af _Kg KeQ
IWge a
"IWge a'e ^c _KZ Ke ^@ a : id ij, gj\^Me, ba^ge


     ifIe KcR-gX-iew

NeKeY icM
AfKU^K-NeKeY icM
ehA icM-i^ MjY

PcW icM-N

RZh-aj Ga iW
beZ \g^-a C_je icM
beZK el-@ceKK el

@ceKK cV-@^^ _e]^
aM-If jww-KK
ZR `f-ZR `k


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