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R^de 20,2007 g^ae
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_fI a LA c gg _fIe @K

IWg WU Kc:@gh i^_Z

K_W, R^@e 20(IWg WU Kc) IWge C_Kka Rf K_We _fI a LA c KZK gg _fI @K jA[ae K ieKeu aj _PeZ _fI ae] @b~^e c^ I i`kZ C_e R^i]eYu ij RZ jAQ

Rfe aMW Mc _dZ @MZ afakec_e Mce `Ke ajeu \A S@ S^ aje, 7 Ga e^ aje 5 ah ^dcZ _fI a LA c _fI cq jA _e^[ae _eaee i\i c^ @~^Z ja baK

\A bCY Ga QW jaK @lc jA[a ak ab^ i^K ij~ _A ]A ]A ^eg `Ke Ga eR cLc ^a^ _^dKu ^KUK GK _Z fL ic^u PK _A ^a\^ KeQ

\A S@ ^dcZ _fI a LA[a ak Gj Jh] @agK Z_cZe MQZ eL~C^[ae a]jG Gje c^ ji _AQ af `Ke ij KeQ

Mc fe Gj _fI @K \A bCYu @Wci^K @^K ae] Keae ic^ Mc a\kde _Xae aZ jAQ

"c S@c^ _fIe @K ja _e Mce @^K fK c NeK @C @i^j' KjQ `Ke

\A S@u iK ^A aZa c' ckZ aje PZ KYe Kj, "c Ga ce c \A S@u PK _A K_W Rf WqeL^e Wqeu ajae @^e] Ke[f c ic^ K_Z Ke^j'

\A S@u bM Ga @^Z af fZK be Ple ckZ IWg WU KcK KjQ

_fI Rk \e iKcZ jA[G af Mcai agi Ke[ae @^K Zu Ne _Y _C^[a ckZ KjQ

K_W Rf i\e cjKc Ve 12 KfcUe \ea Pk Mce ^edY PKau S@ c^\_ PKa, 9 ^dcZ _fI a LC[f c MZ GK ah jf Zu ac MW Kcg @]K ie jae fMQ

i^d ieKe WqeL^e Wqec^ Zu a^Z ^gYae ^edY \A ah _a ba^geiZ d^i` K~kde @]Keu ^R \L RYA[f

d^i`e GK Uc c^\_u i _el Kea _e @]K PK _A agL_^ce _fI WqeL^K _VA[f c^\_ _fIe @K jA[a iVKe Wqec^ Ke KeQ

@^K Qia iiu ijdZe ieKe Wqe c^ Rfe ab^ i^e gg c^u _fI a \CQ

@^K i^e cifc _eae ic^u _fu Gj _fI a L@AaK eR jA^[a ak Qia ii Ga ieKe @`ie c^ ]cd ^Z cf Ga cfau ij~ fW[f af K_We RY Wqe KjQ

@c La gN _fI @K _f \ARYue _el Keae aai KeQ af Rf ij PK]Ke G.i.\i KjQ




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IWg WU Kce NhY^c