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Rfe \NUY : RY cZ, @V @jZ : ga_Ve cj\_ \LaK bqc^ eZ CRMe : @kue \K^e fU C\c, 3 Me` : b^-UKe ]K: 3 cZ, 15 @jZ : ce \_ ^@e cjk bqu cZ : cU Zk _eZ^ Ke bMagh Ce : EhKf cjYe KAQu icj @\^ @e : QZ MY]hY ccfe cL @b~q Me` : cwkae \Lf ja _ ib e_U : 2008-09e ~R^ @UKk 7500 KU : ahq _Y \A 9U QkK jZ : Me` ~aZ PfY \ffe Rc^ ^ce : ccK gl _eh\ ~q \A _el @e : @]Z \ac Pe, fKu @ih : _fi-cIa\ Mk a^cd : ba^ge-e "Mea e[' 10e : Kck \we Z\ @e : P\ecu EYQW Phu ijdK ^j : cZcZ : ia]K e^ _A ^fKK Mf^ U` : @jZ gcKu cZ, GiGcie @k^ : @b~qK \ \ae ` NeC : cfK^Me: 6U aek _l Ce : Gi@eAe 6U Rf icf _A ^a^u \a : Z\ \ae Rf_ku aiba^ NeC : MBe bf PK, lZ_eY \a : aRUe IWgK @ajk : ^a^ : eRe 9U R^ibe ~M\a ejf : K aRU C_e IWge cg _ZKd : eR]^e cjk Kcg^u "@_ei^ _K': cIa\u ce(PV_Z) : IWg WU Kc _ea^ @Y_eQ (PV_Z)

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Rfe \NUY : RY cZ, @V @jZ
ga_Ve cj\_ \LaK bqc^ eZ CRMe
cj\a gau @e]^ ^c Meae cjgaeZe eRe ab^ ga_V CacLe jACV[a ak flfl bq icaZ jA _Ry^ Kea ij eZe cj\_ \g^ ^c Cj I C_^e ij "Ic ^c gad' ]^e CyeY ce eZ CRMe jA[a \LaK ckQ
@kue \K^e fU C\c, 3 Me`
b^-UKe ]K: 3 cZ, 15 @jZ
ce \_ ^@e cjk bqu cZ
cU Zk _eZ^ Ke bMagh Ce
EhKf cjYe KAQu icj @\^ @e
_d 20,000e C aek @fb eWf _RZe KAQ MZ cwkae eZe ehKf ^\- K@MW cjYe 4K.c ag akbce icj @\^ KeQ
QZ MY]hY ccfe cL @b~q Me`
cwkae \Lf ja _ ib e_U
RMZij_e Rfe _aZ _ KeL^ _A _gi^ Ke[a icRK-@[^ZK ibe e_U cwkae eR ieKe Ga _ K^ ^KUe C_i_Z Ke~ae K~Kc @Q ~\eK ai_Z _eaeu ^c [A[^ _KR ie Ke~A_ea
2008-09e ~R^ @UKk 7500 KU
ahq _Y \A 9U QkK jZ
Me` ~aZ PfY \ffe Rc^ ^ce
`faY: ai IfU 4 cZ, 4 MeZe
@]Z \ac Pe, fKu @ih
P\ecu EYQW Phu ijdK ^j : cZcZ
K @[c _. P\ec gKae ii\e C_i_Z Ke[a i]eY aRUe KhK c^u _A _d 60 jRe KU Uue EYQW NhY Ke aRUK fK_d Kea C\c Ke[f c Gj Phc^u _A agh fb\dK ja^j af IWge RYYY Ph^Z c^ cZ \AQ
eRe 9U R^ibe ~M\a ejf
\ge GK Mea Rf ba _ePZ ^@_We i Zue ~Z @e Kea Ga cy 10 _ae eRe @Z Kce 13U Rf M Kea af _\g KMi ib_Z Rd\a R^ IWg WU KcK KjQ

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_ @ke cIa\ @gue KW ^e_
^dMW Rfe cIa\u Zafk _e C_Kka RMZij_e Rfe _aZ _ KeL^ @ke afK\ I Geic [^ke cIa\u C_iZe _cY ck[ae _fi _le N^N^ PXC Re @Q

@^ ZR Lae


Mb_Z _A Wqe ^eR, @aZ i^ a
^dMW Rfe K^bY jZ ccf _\K @ia _e _gi^e K~^^ bde Wqec^ Mb_Z KeaK c^ Ke[ae C_Kka Rf K_W Ga RMZij_e @ke @aZ i^ Ga @aajZ c'u iL aX Pf[a \LaK ckQ


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caAf `^e aaje Kak K[a a GiGcGi icZ jA ej ^j MjKe Pj\ I eP cZaK Ga @^K K~ i\^ jA_eQ caAf \e
caAfe IWge ZR Lae _@ cMYe
RY aq Gj ia] _AaK 567678 ^eK AeRe
JOIN Odisha fL GK GiGcGi _VAaK _Wa ~KYi icde i _Y 'fb IWg' ciR Cq ^eK _VA LEAVE Odisha Gj ibie ^RK a\ Ke _e
PZu^ _Z~MZe bM ^@, _ee RZ
PZu^e EP eL[a IW@ QZQZu _ijZ Kea _A IWg WU Kc a]ae, 10 R^de 2007e GK Z _ @e KeQ Gj _e _Z\^ Pd^ Ke~A[a \AU PZ _KgZ ja
KAP Z@e R^he Pj\ a
K_W Rf i\e cjKc ^KUi RRw Ga ae@ @ke _d 60 RY cjk I ~aZu C\c `ke \ @X@ke [a "KAP' g Ga i^d aRee GK _cL i^ MjY Ke_eQ
cIa\u ce(PV_Z)
cIa\c^u @\g Ga _\e _W~AQ @~[e ^dMWe @KcY Ke ~_e ic^ 15RYu cef G[e RY_Wf ~ ic^ WKdZ \k i\g
IWg WU Kc _ea^ @Y_eQ
ac^ IWg WU Kc Ia cW@ ee a_K bae _ea^ @Yae ilc jAQ G[e _Kg _C[a _iw Z[ Ze _Z ^Z bae _gi^d Gje iaVe agh C_f jf GiGcGi ia
_ ibe @^K ^Kf _^aeR CfL!
RMZij_e Rfe gh jA[a _aZ _ K^e icRK-@[^ZK ibe K^ _le @]Ke @]K R^ic[^ jif iKg K fKu P_e iji]K c[ _^aeR CfL Ke~A[a Kj~CQ
33 ah jf \ec _A^[a \A glK
RMZij_e Rfe \A RY glK KQ \^ _e PKee @aie ^ae [f c aMZ 33 ah ce ic^u \ec ck^[ae @aie _e ic^u Ra^ K'Y ja Zj \AU _eaee Pe ahd jAQ
cjee [a IW@u _A _eaeaM PZ
cjee @kK eR^ZK \k cje ^a^cY icZ (GcG^Gi) _le Ce beZd ae] @k^ Re\e jA[ae iVe K~eZ IW@u ^e_ ^A IWge ic^u iKd I _eaeaM PZ jA _WQ
@c ehANe"_kw _KW'
gMK ]A f f KU eL _@R,eiY,@\ I K fu f f KU eL MUG aW _Ze _kw gM,KU _@R,KU eiY, KU @\,KU Kfu I KU ]^@_Z ^@
aW` - GK aKggk \g _A @^P
beZah bk aj aKggk \ge Mcke @MYZ Phc^ Ne @MYe KKW Ph Ke RaK C_R^ Ke Gbk Phe aghZ jf Lye KKW c^ue elYalY KejG I Gj _hYd aKg NUG
IWge a

"IWge a'e ^c _KZ Ke ^@ a : eKg cj,AUb IW@ ^R, jA\a\, @_\g, ageR^ bq,G^@Ai, KfKGU, ^aew_e, IWg, W.i\^ \lZ,@l iL IWg cg^, acLf, ba^ge, _ecaj Z_V, cW@ c^Rc Uc, ^GW, Ce_\g, _bZ @e \i, ic K@W^Ue, G^G^ _RKi fcUW, MeMI,je@Y, @\Z ^edY _Zje, awfe


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