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Are you facing font problems ?

Dear reader,

We are thankful to you for visiting If you are facing font problem please do the following.

There is no need to install Oriya font in case you see junk when the page loads and looks like this.

We are using dynamic font. In spite of that in some computer it does not appear correctly even if you use internet explorer. In that case you have to follow certain steps depending on the browser you are using.

If you are using Windows 98 or XP operating system with Internet Explorer, you may not be facing any problems seeing the Oriya text on this site.

In case if you still are facing problem then, please delete cookies, temporary internet file.

How to delete cookies, temporary internet file ?

Please go to the start menu and click on run . Than put %temp% in the open menu and then click OK. Delete all the files that appear. Deleting these files will not cause harm because they are temporary internet files.

You may also run disk cleanup by right clicking on each of the drives separately and can delete temporary internet files, cookies.

If still the problem continues than there could be font encoding problem.
Your browser may not be using the correct character encoding to display the webpage.

This can be simply fixed with change in the character encoding of the browser you are using.  Please go to the view menu at the the IE browser's and make it auto select or user defined or western European (Windows) .

For Mozila and Netscape users is compatible in all browsers.

If you are using Mozila or  Netscape you need to download the fonts from here .  After downloading the fonts Mozila  user please click on tool than on content. Then please change the default font to AkrutiOriDynamicLingaraj that you downloaded. Similarly if you use Netscape please go to tool menu and then option . After that please click on fonts and colour and change the default font to AkrutiOriDinamicLingaraj. Now the site would be visible.

Same is applicable in other browsers too. But for better view use Internet explorer.

Now we believe your problem would be solved. In case you could not solve the problem feel free to contact us at or for further guidance .

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