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fuK _e bhYe ig _fi cZd^: eR^ZK jZK _e Rk_W : aRW ^Zu @`ieu jZ ]cK :aeMW @aKe K~kde bRf^ PXC :UK ]Ke icZ ib cZ, 5 @jZ : 37U MA MQ RaZ,1 Me` : jwk ~Z _A a_K _Z : ac cW @b~qu ]eae _fi a`k : c _Wae aqu 5 ah Rf\ : aqu cZK ^A bhY _eiee Rk_W : ^@_W: @cfiNe K~a @k^ _ZjZ : eeu @KcY Ke aK @lu c Me` :  I_Ri @`ieu ]cNU _ZjZ : IW@ a^c beZd :C}k \ai C_fl Z @fL  : "G c^ c^^' PkyZ \La _A bW :SeiMWe Z_cZ 39WM U_f: Mc^K ^A @fP^ jA^j: ieKe :iR'e Ijeae  @\ai ^Zu KZmZ :  I_Rie ]cNU ~M a\Z C_\^e a]:K_ ~MA 3 glK I _@^ ^fZ :   :  [ _^de iNh: MW_W, 4 @jZ  :Kce c'u ce ^akK @]K: e_U  : KSe: afK ^A aWIu cW : Weag cja\kdK  dRi ijdZ:f Mj ^[ae _V_Xe @ia] : caAf Pe @b~Me Z^ Me` : KSe: _Ye aW \A ggu cZ : "]^g' l_Ye i`k _elY : af _d gMW cfKu RaK a_^ : ieKe ij~e aZ ^ijd a]a  : iabeZd jg aRe-2007 @e : RkPe ~M bi KeL^ aee cKc : Peci _A KcPk aRU C_i_Z : _fi \e cIa\ @b~q 5RY Lfi : D _g_Z @ba ~M cifc^u lb : eR ^aP^ Kcg^u K~kd i^eZ :_P Waf cWee 5 @b~q Me`: Z Kgk eR \ae eaae ]eY  :~MMeu ~M ZebRe Pj\ a : IWge _^ag Kea _A R_^ @Mj : RfK iR c^Z _a icdK aZf : P_ee "@'l_Ye _Y _elY  : Zk Zf _A MReU K^ ij aScY_Z :  f^: _WZ IW@ QZu _A ijdZ Kc^: aKe @MKK ^A [^e GZf : i_ִe 30 i _eh\ cLkd i^ PW  : KaK @^^ _A Kd Uc IWge : gcee a\g ccfe 30 RYu ^Ui : fle IWg a]dKu _Z \NUYe cZ : MWe Rwfe aeK RaZ : MA a_eK 10 ah Rf : I-Ube ^Z^ cL ba Pe^u ^~q  : RGfu ij e ckAf b^cZ]e aR_ ^Z : afge: ^\e aW \A if QZ cZ : Meae _Y "@' _el : ce _ZK _ea^ Ke au cZ, CR^ : K_K ^A QZu cWe 4 @_K @jZ : ahq L\ LA 16 QZ @ii   :  \kZu aaj Keae _eae Me ai : aWaf au fU NUYe ZZd @b~q Me` : Rf_ku ae] Ke @cfiNe icjK QU  : cj@b~M _Zje _e aPZu @lZ : _fi Mke cZaqu _eaee @[ba  : Kk\iu R^i^K ^A aa\ : _ak Lee el _A ij\ee Qc@ aai : Mc^e KYi LY KcK aR_e ae] : PkyZ ^cZu Ne C_e accW : eR^ZK KeYe M iNh, 11 @jZ : gc cZe Z\ ^ :"IWge a'e ^c _KZ Ke  :
cy 31,2007 g^ae
ZR Lae                     @c am_^\Z            `fi_          
fuK _e bhYe ig _fi cZd^
_d 20e 25U MW _W \@~A[ae ldlZe _ecY KUG Uue C ja KeL^e KZK @]Ke c UKcWe @jZ jAQ'
eR^ZK jZK _e Rk_W
aRW ^Zu @`ieu jZ ]cK
aeMW @aKe K~kde bRf^ PXC
aqu cZK ^A bhY _eiee Rk_W
RY aque \NUYe cZja _e g^ae gZ]K fK Xu^k Rfe ceckiZ bhY f @ K^ KeL^ MUe ^@ fMA \a ij iVe [a KZK UK I cUe iAKf c] _W \AQ
UK ]Ke icZ ib cZ, 5 @jZ
37U MA MQ RaZ,1 Me`
jwk ~Z _A a_K _Z
ac cW @b~qu ]eae _fi a`k
c _Wae aqu 5 ah Rf\
i^d ^~q \ae KeL^e bweR
^@_W: @cfiNe K~a @k^ _ZjZ
eeu @KcY Ke aK @lu c Me`
I_Ri @`ieu ]cNU _ZjZ
"G c^ c^^' PkyZ \La _A bW
""c Gj `fe _[ce RY Lk^dK  ba _\gZ jAQ Za _ea icde K_e ^R PeZe _ea^ @YQ Zj @_Y `fe \L_ea'' @b^Z cje \i IWg WU KcK KjQ
SeiMWe Z_cZ 39WM U_f
"@i 24N c]e @Kg cNcq eja ij ba^gee ia]K Z_cZ 37 WM I ia^c Z_cZ 24WM ifidi ej_e ''
Mc^K ^A @fP^ jA^j: ieKe
iR'e Ijeae  @\ai ^Zu KZmZ
I_Rie ]cNU ~M a\Z C_\^e a]
K_ ~MA 3 glK I _@^ ^fZ
[ _^de iNh: MW_W, 4 @jZ
Kce c'u ce ^akK @]K: e_U
IWge @\ai @hZ @ke [a Kce c' c^u ce 53 _ZgZu adi 18 ahe Kc jA[a GK Qia ii \e i\ _KgZ e_Ue \g~AQ
KSe: afK ^A aWIu cW
Weag cja\kdK  dRi ijdZ
f Mj ^[ae _V_Xe @ia]
caAf Pe @b~Me Z^ Me`
KSe: _Ye aW \A ggu cZ
"]^g' l_Ye i`k _elY
af _d gMW cfKu RaK a_^
@ajc^ Kke M Mjk ee @]_Z ae Ke @i[a gMW MW Ga GKag gZe \Z cfaj ~^ MWKe _Z\ߦZe \g_e jR ~ae Gje cfKu _U_UY a_^ jAQ
ieKe ij~e aZ ^ijd a]a
eR ieKeu ic \e\ \eKeY ^ZK C_ji Ke IWge Xu^k Rfe RY ^ijd a]a cjk @^MZ bahZe @guZ jA @^AQ Ka _gi^e i\ Zu C_e _Wa
iabeZd jg aRe-2007 @e
~MMeu ~M ZebRe Pj\ a
~MMe aa ec \au ~M IWge RMZij_e Rfe KZK @ke [_^d _ea Ga ZebRe Pj\ aXae fMQ

(C}k \ai C_fl Z @fL) 
 IW@ a^c beZd
"]^Ze _L_L Z^ PZ[g gZ _e c] @c Khe GZ _Q@ ~,ie eRe ehAc^ icM @c ^RK ~MA _e^ _Wg eRe @, cQ, iC\ CZ\
ia KYQ K'Y Gj a K ieKeu bf?''

""aYR aaid K[ \La IWge @^ eRe a_e @i La icde C^Z Ke \ge aW aW g g_Zu c]e IW@ KZRY?''

""ijZ,^Z,iMZ,Kk cee KeK~ ~_e IWge @Q ia eRe @Q jRe ah _eY "KYK'K ^A MaZ jf Kj @M@ jG^ KeY @ce KYK @Q @C Kje @Q "c^l',@C Kje @Q "LRej'

@ce "e]^[', `Kecj^'@Q @C Kje "ea^['"geZP' @Q ijZe ce c^ _Wf @z @_Yu c]e @]Kg "i_Ide' a_ee @Q Kj @c eRe gZ]K "Ka', ijZK', "icRiaK ',"ieK' I cjc^hue Ia _R a icM aaeY _C^j

~Zak @^^ eRe Ka ,ag aqu La ie ba iRW, iVK, ic Z[ @Q Zj K'Y K ieKeu \dZ?''


@^ ZR Lae


f^e IW@ QZ \eeM a]e _WZ
IWge _ck Rf SeiMWe ai Z[ ba^geiZ A^PU @` c[cUK @ @_Ki^ (@AGcG)e _GPW W K\e^[ i^_Z Ga f^iZ bKe@ ji_Ufe Ra^e fXA fXQ



Directorate of Technical Education & Training, Orissa

For Admission into Diploma Courses in Engineering/ Technology/Beauty Culture
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Invites tenders
for procurement of tools & equipments, machineries, furnitures etc
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India Business Directory




Delhi /NCR





Directorate of Technical Education & Training, Orissa Invites application for Formation of Human Data Bank in the field of Technical Education
for details
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Directorate of Technical Education & Training, Orissa,
Counseling for streamlining the process of establishment of  New  ITCs to be held from 5.2.2007 to 10.2.2007 at the auditorium of BPFTIO,BOSE Campus,Cuttack
 for details
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Kk\iu R^i^K ^A aa\
eNag, cN\Z I Kceia _e Ka _A _i cjKa "Kk\iu' R^ IWge jA[a IWge KZK MahK \a Kea _e G ^A Ga aa\ \L \AQ
\kZu aaj Keae _eae Me ai
IWge ~R_e Rfe RY CyaMe S@ RY \kZ _@K aaj Keae Zu _eaeK M fK ai KeQ
PZu^ _Z~MZe bM ^@, _ee RZ
PZu^e EP eL[a IW@ QZQZu _ijZ Kea _A IWg WU Kc a]ae, 10 R^de 2007e GK Z _ @e KeQ Gj _e _Z\^ Pd^ Ke~A[a \AU PZ _KgZ ja
f^: _WZ IW@ QZu _A ijdZ Kc^
IWge RY c]a QZ i\e f^e GK ji_Ufe \eeM a]e _WZ [a ak Zue PK Ga IWgK `ea _A a_k @[e @agKZ _WQ
gh _~de "]Ck GK_i'e Wa
17 cy 2007e Gje _[c _~de iU Kc gh jA~A[a ak Ga Gje Wa I GWU Kc PfQ Ga 27 G_fe Gj cqfb Kea' af Z_V IWg WU KcK KjQ
RGfu ij e ckAf b^cZ]e aR_ ^Z
_c IWge a^h] _e_ Mc^ _jWe KYi _Ke LY K~ ae]e _Za\e e CZ[_^ Ke aR_ ^Zc^ _ae G \Me cj Lf @i[a \ke _aZ^ eR ib_Z Z[ ii\ RGf Iecu e ij e ckAQ
ec^ace ju cifcu ij~M
icM \ge cwkae \^ cj@Wee ec^ac _k^ jA[a ak b\K Rfe Gj _ae cifcu ij~M GK @^^ bAPee C\jeY i KeQ
@c ehA Ne "_' _fC
_[c PCkK ]A eL _^e Zf K N@ _K Zf Mec jAMf Rf_Z I C_e
\@~A[a ic MU Mec cif _K

i_ai IW@
awfee C}k \ai _A a_K _Z
@i G_f 1 ZeLe C}k \ai _k^ _A awfeiZ IWg iZK iMV^ _le a_K _Z gh jA[a iMV^e ib_Z ig cj_Z KjQ
gl ijdK ^~q _A ^Kf _cY_Z \Lf
IWge aeMW Rfe iagl @b~^ @]^e gl ijdK ^~q _A KZK _[ ^Kf _cY_Z \Lf Ke[a PfKe Z[ icK @iQ  
@c ^Z gM _Lke Li'
@c IWg Gbk ^Z c^u ^aPZ KeQ, ~Cc^ K gM _Lke Li @ag ic^ ii\e @A@AU _iw CVAQ, K Gje e G^@AGi _iw bk jA_e^
IWge a

"IWge a'e ^c _KZ Ke ^@ a : i]g cj^ iZ_[, iA^U-i, i`Ide AR^de, e]^Me, ~R_e, IWg @gK Kce _YMj, _Mc GKRKUb, ^@\f, _g Kce i^_Z, i`Ide AR^de, _eU ici K_ei^, UKi, ~qe @ceK,


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Jatindra Dash
Editor: Prasanta Patnaik

IWg WU Kce NhY^c

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